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Announcing the Constellation litter.
 Whelped May 13th, 2014.  
There are 9 boys and 3 girls. The dam is Tramore Onora Rose, (Rose). 
The sire is Cairncross The Sting at Onora aka (ASHER). 
To see the lineage on the dam and the sire, click on the highlighted name. 
There are some nice show puppies in this litter and two are now Grand Champions, Onora Aquila and Onora Cassiopeia.  
Onora Irish Setters Presents the Constellation Litter
Announcing Irish Setter Puppies!
The Constellation litter of 12 puppies whelped May 13, 2014 has been ranked
and are ready to go to their new homes.
Above are 9 boys and 3 girls in a free for all fest at less than 1 week of age.
Love the upside down puppy - where there is a will, there is a way.
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Green Girl - Show girl - we are keeping Onora Andromeda (Andi) until we 
determine which of the two girls will be most likely to finish a championship.
Update:  Green Girl - now Lacey went to a wonderful new home on a ranch in Oregon.
Blue Boy   This boy is ranked as a show dog.  
UPDATE:  Onora Cepheus has a wonderful new home in Green River, WY.
Update:  Orange Boy has a new home.  Orange Boy.  If you are looking for an agility boy, this is him.  He has no fear.  
Update: He is now named Max, lives near Ogden and loves hiking with his new owner.
Pink Boy has a new home and no longer available.  Pink Boy.  Very loving and affectionate.  A great pet.
Update:  This wonderful boy has a new home with experienced Irish Setter people and a large back yard to play in.  Yellow Orange Boy.  This is another boy ranked as show quality.  He has a nice thighs,and chest with great shoulders and smooth top line.
Update:  White boy has a wonderful new home.
White Boy is borderline show due to his carrying his tail a bit too high.  .
                                                                       UPDATE:  Green Boy has a new home.  Green Boy will make a wonderful companion.  He is loving and gentle plus he gets along with all the other pups.  


Taken June 15, 2014, almost 5 weeks old. They will be ranked and photographed
while stacked in 3 more weeks.
Yellow Orange Boy. I couldn't resist a little humor with a beer bottle here.
Pink Boy sound asleep on his brothers head!
Rose getting comfortable the day before delivering.
The X-ray showed only 7 pups. She delivered 15!
At this point we thought we were done. Little did we know 8 more were coming. Pictured are Red Girl, Red Boy, Blue Boy, Green Boy, Purple Boy, Peach Boy, and Bat Boy (a little Irish humor).
Close to midnight. We started at 9:05am. We had 6 girls and 9 boys. We were all exhausted. The next day we lost 3 girls, the 13th, 14th and 15th born.

Two of the girls are now Grand Champions

Onora Aquila,  formerly White girl

Onora Cassiopia (Rosie), formerly Red Girl


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