Onora Irish Setters

Onora Lipstick Litter
Whelped 11-08-17, Election Day

Both photos taken November 8, 2016

Left: The largest boy and the smallest girl. Right: Eleven pups on an Irish Setter blanket.
Both photos taken at 1 week of age. All have at least doubled their weight.

Eyes opening for three girls 11-21-16.

Filmed 11/22/16
Filmed 12/2/16

The Dam is GCH Tramore Onora Rose (Rose) and the sire is GCH Soraj Starlight Express (Bodie).

Soraj Starlight Express (Bodie)

Bodie, September 2016. Love his head.

You can see the rest of Bodie's tests at the OFA web site. He is genetically clear for PRA. Bodie is owned by Carol Newman and the late Shirley Garrison. The breeders are Robyn Foust & Carol Newman & Sherlene Garrison.

The litters' Dam
Tramore Onora Rose
To see more pictures of Rose, along with her pedigree and test results, click here. Rose

December 18, 2016. Puppies are 5 - 1/2 weeks old and still learning how to stack.

Purple girl posing for her head shot!

Purple girl stacked

Purple Boy

Blue Boy

Green Boy

Yellow Boy

Blue Girl - she did not want to stack. She smelled her mommy and was too excited.

Green Girl

Red Girl

Light Green Girl

Yellow Girl

White Girl

Wine and puppies Sleeping like a log

Our 4 year old grand daughter with the puppies Early morning potty break

January 6th, 2017 - Puppies have been ranked!
Six have gone to show homes and the remaining five are in wonderful pet homes.
We could not have asked for better homes for any of these pups.
White Girl (left) and with Blue Girl (right) at 8.5 weeks.
White and Blue girls tied for 1st in the ranking. Blue Girl went with Carol Newman, the Sires owner, and Loraine Bolidh. Her new name is
Onora Lipstick And Whiskey. They call her Teagan.
My wife Pat and I kept White Girl. Her new name is Onora Rose's Enya Lipstick. We call her Enya.

Meet Braeden, formerly Purple Boy. His registered name is Onora Lipstick On Your Collar. Braeden lives with Diane and Mark in Arizona.
Braeden is already attending puppy agility and obedience training. We all hope that he becomes the first Onora MACH in agility.


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